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Why Columbus State? Bonamy


 Dr. Joelle Bonamy is the Assistant Department Chair of Modern and Classical Languages and Assistant Professor of Spanish.
 We interviewed Dr. Bonamy to find out why she chose Columbus State University.

 1. Tell us about your research. 
 My primary research area is sociolinguistics. In particular my research centers on Spanish-English code-switching, community language 
 acquisition and community language shift, specifically as it relates to the linguistic situation in Gibraltar. This research not only documents the 
 current unique linguistic  situation in Gibraltar but also intends to derive from an analysis of the Gibraltarian situation a better understanding of 
 the applicability of various theories  that attempt to explain the dynamics and the results of language contact, especially when one of those languages 
 is as world dominant as the English language.

 A secondary research area centers on second language acquisition and pedagogy. In particular I research and conduct studies in second  language
 written discourse  organization strategies, pedagogical implications for code-switching in the foreign language classroom, teaching methodologies
 for second language pronunciation, and developing culture based syllabi.

 2. What made you choose Columbus State University?
 I chose Columbus State University because of its clear mission for a student-centered approach to teaching through engaged faculty and small class
 sizes. Additionally, the mission's focus of creating a campus that strives to connect itself not only to the local community but also to the global
 community was extremely appealing.

 3. What are the top three reasons you would recommend Columbus State University to prospective students?
 I would recommend CSU to prospective students because of the excellent and dedicated faculty, and the opportunity to work closely with that faculty.
 Additionally, there is a broad range of academic areas that students can pursue, ensuring the opportunity for profound learning experiences and for
 the exploration of new concepts and ideas. Finally, I would encourage students to pursue an education at CSU because of the incredible study abroad
 opportunities, which are not only budget friendly but more importantly allow students the opportunity to grow personally and academically through
 observation of and participation in the  broader world.

 4. Tell us about a favorite teaching moment at CSU.
 There have certainly been favorite teaching moments during my time at CSU but I find that I do not recognize them as they happen. Most "favorite
 moments" end up being an accumulation of many smaller teaching moments and it is not until the semester has ended and when students come back
 to visit or write letters acknowledging how I have helped them realize personal or academic goals or how I have helped them move forward in their
 careers, that I realize that I had an  impact. I believe that if I only focus on those big moments that I would lose site of the thousands of favorite little 
 moments that are present to me daily. Every time I step foot into my office or classroom, I hope for my students a favorite little moment when learning
 something new, making a connection to another culture or idea, or even properly producing a grammar point or pronunciation task becomes one of
 many incredible teaching moments. For me each little teaching moment is an occasion to be thankful for my profession, CSU and my students. Each
 moment is like a student and I could no more choose a favorite student than I could a favorite moment that I have shared with him/her... Each is special.

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