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Faculty Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning

Why Columbus State? Peker

Dr. Deniz Peker is an Assistant Professor of Science Education in the College of Education and Health Professions. Weinterviewed
Dr. Peker tofindout why hechose Columbus State University.

1.Tell us about your research.
I am broadly interested in science teacher education. One area I recently focused on is science teachers' professional identity development. Identity
in this context is simply defining yourself as a certain kind of teacher. I am interested in studying the formation of identity among pre-service science
teachers. Identity research helps teacher educators to understand a range of influences on teachers' instructional practices and offers an organizing
element for teachers to justify their decisions and help them position themselves in relation to others.

2. What made you choose Columbus State University?
To be honest, I did not have very clear reasons to choose CSU. However, I soon discovered that CSU is a great place to work! It is a close-knit community
with dedicated people who are always helpful and supportive of each other. I have met with many students who are not only great in academics, but they
are also excellent role models in their communities. I think the people at CSU make it a great place.

3. What are the top three reasons you would recommend Columbus State University to prospective students?
The first reason would be dedicated, caring faculty who are also great teachers and scholars in their fields. Second reason, CSU offers very good traditional
and online programs in many disciplines. If I can speak for my field, we have great STEM teacher education programs that are nationally accredited and
CSU is a leader institution in our region in the area of STEM education. Third, CSU has already great facilities to support a good campus life and learning
but there are a lot of projects going on in our campuses right now to make it even better. I encourage prospective students to sign up for a campus tour to
see all the great things happening in our campuses.

4. Tell us about a favorite teaching moment at CSU.
It is hard to single out a favorite moment, but I love the classes where my students are deeply engaged in discussions about science teaching situations
whether it is about more practical issues such as improving the design of a science activity to make it better for K-12 students or more philosophical
issues such as what science is and what should K-12 students know about the nature of science.

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